With the Frogfish Warehouse Management System, you will be able to accomplish your goals faster when you keep every aspect of your Supply Chain informed, in Real Time.

Key Features:

Transaction-based/Barcode Generated

Options include Transaction-based or Barcode generated Inventory Control

Automated Every Step

Compatible with RF barcode scanners to automate every step of the process – Pick and Pack, ASN and Shipping Label generation, Receiving, Locating, Shipping, and Cycle Counts and more

Real-Time Control

Have Real-Time control over the entire Inventory Process, from receiving Raw Materials or Finished Goods, through Production and Distribution


Provides accurate, detailed reporting of on-hand inventory Available to Sell

Increases Profitability

Reducing Inventory Requirements and Inventory Carrying Costs

Eliminates the need to conduct costly, time-consuming Physical Inventory Counts.

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