With over 25 years in this space, Frogfish is a company you can trust and we are dedicated to give your company the attention it deserves.

Our system is proven

and built to master any challenge.

Since our inception in 1987, our success and longevity are based on experience and a thorough knowledge of our clients’ business. We focus our efforts and resources on specific vertical markets, committing to be the very best in our space rather than one of many general business application providers competing for a share of the broader market.

Our solutions form the technology infrastructure for manufacturing and distribution concerns throughout the world, and our commitment to service and innovation is widely known by our customers and peers alike. Over the past several years our company has gained recognition and numerous awards for excellence in the field of technology, and we are expanding on that tradition by continuing to develop products that enable our clients’ businesses to adapt, innovate and thrive. Your business is not generic and the technology platform supporting your company should not be generic either.

One System. One Solution.

Frogfish Solutions

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